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Project euler #56

A googol (10^100) is a massive number: one followed by one-hundred zeros;
100^100 is almost unimaginably large: one followed by two-hundred zeros.
Despite their size, the sum of the digits in each number is only 1.

Considering natural numbers of the form, a^b, where a, b < 100,
what is the maximum digital sum?


import time

ts = time.time()

gmax = 0
for a in range(1, 100):
    for b in range(1, 100):
        googol = sum(int(digit) for digit in str(a**b))
        if googol > gmax:
            gmax = googol

print "problem euler 56: {}\nelapsed time: {}".format(gmax, time.time() - ts)
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