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Problem euler #36

The decimal number, 585 = 1001001001 base2 (binary), is palindromic in both
bases. Find the sum of all numbers, less than one million,
which are palindromic in base 10 and base 2.
(Please note that the palindromic number, in either base, may not include
leading zeros.)


import time
ts = time.time()

def is_pal(n):
    binary = str(bin(n))[2:]
    chrs = [x for x in str(n)]
    if str(n) == ''.join(chrs):
        ch = [x for x in binary]
        if binary == ''.join(ch):
            return True
        return False

print sum(filter(is_pal, range(10**6)))
print time.time() - ts
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