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Problem Euler #32

We shall say that an n-digit number is pandigital if it makes use of all
the digits 1 to n exactly once; for example, the 5-digit number, 15234,
is 1 through 5 pandigital.

The product 7254 is unusual, as the identity, 39 × 186 = 7254,
containing multiplicand, multiplier, and product is 1 through 9 pandigital.

Find the sum of all products whose multiplicand/multiplier/product identity
can be written as a 1 through 9 pandigital.
HINT: Some products can be obtained in more than one way so be sure to only
include it once in your sum.


import time

ts = time.time()

def is_pan(n):
    digits = range(1,10)
    num = [int(n) for n in str(n)]
    return num == digits

prods = set()
for a in xrange(1, 100):
    if a > 9: low = 123
    else: low = 1234
    for b in xrange(low, 10001/a):
        res = '{}{}{}'.format(a, b, a*b)
        if is_pan(res):

print sum(prods)
print time.time() - ts

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