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NDS: R4 Revolution + MoonShell



Download R4 revolution Kernel from this link.

SD High Capacity KERNEL, here, or, as indicated in the link printed in the R4 box

(i.e. here for the version SDHC Upgrade).

Download MoonShell from here.

Kernel R4

The zip archive consists of 2 files and 2 directories

Extract them and copy into SD card.


Kernel R4 HC

In case of Kernel for SDHC (you must use R4 SDHC Cartridge!!) , files and directories have different names.

No problem, copy them on SDHC.



in the archive there is dpgtools. It contains the avi converter dpgenc.exe.

To install or upgrade moonshell, Delete old SD files


and old SD directory


Extract the downloaded archive and execute SETUP.exe

– Select the device that corresponds to SD card.

Be careful if more USB devices are connected!!

– Leave the defaults settings, Click ALL CLEAR and select R4TF R4.

Click  Setup.

At the end fo the setup process, in the  SD device, we will find:

R4TF R4(DS) – Revolution for DS.nds file , that we need to  rename in  _DS_MSHL.nds.


MOONSHL directory



Run dpgenc.exe

Change the parameters in the Options tag.

Choose the destination path with Browse.

drag the avi file to convert.

At the end of the coding process, we will have a new file with dpg extension.

To play dpg file, Use dpgshow.exe

To obtain file info : dpginfo.exe

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  1. Potato
    settembre 30, 2009 alle 6:23 pm

    When upgrading to Moonshell 2 on the R4 DS, I had to do the following:

    Download kernel 1.23 from here:


    Download Moonshell 2.05 from here:


    Unpack both archives.

    From the kernel archive, copy the following files and folders to the root of your SD card:


    Notice that the moonshl folder is omitted, since it’s an old 1.74 build.

    From the Moonshell archive, copy the following files and folders to the root of your SD card:


    Additionally, you can copy moonmemo and any other skins and tools you wish, but the above files are the minimum you need.

    Lastly, you need to RENAME moonshl2.nds to _DS_MSHL.NDS

    Now, when you choose “music” from the R4 menu, it will boot moonshell 2 instead of either erroring out or making you exec it from the games menu.

    Verified and working, copied using KDE 4.3.1 in Fedora 11. (Previous versions of KDE did *something* wrong and required that I use Windows to perform the copy.)

  2. ottobre 1, 2009 alle 2:17 pm

    thank You Potato.
    Your notification will help many other people.

  3. ottobre 10, 2009 alle 11:08 pm

    gioco bello

  4. ottobre 10, 2009 alle 11:09 pm

    ioco troppo bello

  5. Nigel
    ottobre 12, 2009 alle 2:08 am

    This R4 Card is easy and simple to use, Anyone who needs a guide this is what to do simply transfer the stuff you want onto a Micro SD card then simply insert it into the slot on R4 Card and put it in the games slot.

    I have purchased from the following company and reccomend them for R4 Cards. R4 SDHC

  6. AussieDS4Kids
    luglio 30, 2010 alle 10:03 am

    Hi guys. The Kernel download noted in Potato’s comments does not seem to contain the _DS_MENU.SYS file that he mentions. I was hoping someone could give me an idea of where to get that file from. Thanks ;-).

  7. luglio 30, 2010 alle 12:36 pm

    What R4’s release?
    You need to download the kernel from the link provided on the box.
    kernels are not equal

    my kernel 1.18 has got:


  8. AussieDS4Kids
    luglio 30, 2010 alle 12:44 pm

    it mentions Kernel 1.23. If you download that file from the link provided there is no .SYS file as mentioned. I gather it will be necessary before I do the upgrade.

  9. luglio 30, 2010 alle 1:45 pm

    I think the sys file is created by DS after the first boot.

  10. AussieDS4Kids
    luglio 30, 2010 alle 1:47 pm

    You’re a legend bancaldo. I will give that a shot !!!

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    settembre 14, 2012 alle 11:55 pm

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    is a goldmine.

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    gennaio 4, 2013 alle 2:38 am

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